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In the fast-moving environment of professional sport, Sport Science practitioners are involved in the day to day delivery of training, rehabilitation, preparation for competition and recovery for both individuals and teams. They need to collect and analyse data (eg, training load, recovery, screening) to inform decisions on individual players.


With time constraints, data may not be interrogated to the level that a researcher might aim for. Nevertheless, practitioners are expected to be innovative, and often become early adopters of new technology and techniques to gain competitive advantage (eg, cryotherapy).  In-house R&D can inform judgements and decisions taken in the fast-working environment. 

Strategy Development



Develop a 5 year research and development plan.

Accessing Funding 

Write an application to HMRC for Research and Development tax credits. Explore opportunities for research grants. More Information...


Research & Development

Support practitioners in undertaking a meaningful measurements from their athletes (eg, injury-screening, recovery/monitoring).


Utilisation of Current Scientific Information

Measure the typical variation surrounding the actual change in measurements 


Analysis of Testing

Apply statistical methods to determine what a real change is, for practitioners to act on. Utilise week-to-week variation (CV) and smallest worthwhile change (SWC) to determine 'real and meaningful' changes.


Assessing & Using New Technology

Investigate the legitimacy of new technologies and methods/procedures that claim to accelerate recovery, reduce injuries and enhance performance. Application of statistical methods. Assign graded-recommendations for new products or procedures in practice, based on scientific level and quality of evidence from research literature combined with expert opinion. This ensures that products or processes introduced are based on solid evidence and cost-effectiveness. 


Effective Communication 

Communicate relevant data with practical meaning. Provide translation of data from complex analyses into clear messages to inform decision-making. 


Embedding R&D 

Provide an effective way to optimise decision-making of the fast-intuitive practitioner through embedding R&D within the team, ensuring an ethical, valid and financially prudent approach to the innovation, introduction and improvement of processes. 


Staff CPD

Support staff in developing skills and education that align to the strategy of the organisation they are working in.


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